Line Rider 2

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Line Rider 2

“Line Rider 2” is the sequel to the popular online puzzle and drawing game “Line Rider.” Developed by InXile Entertainment, this game builds upon the concept of the original while introducing new features and enhancements.

In “Line Rider 2,” players once again take on the role of a track designer, creating intricate sled or snowboard tracks for a rider to navigate. The core gameplay remains the same, allowing players to use a drawing tool to sketch lines on a blank canvas. These lines serve as the track, guiding the rider through various stunts, obstacles, and challenges.

One of the notable additions in “Line Rider 2” is the introduction of different game modes, including Puzzle Mode and Story Mode. Puzzle Mode presents players with specific challenges and objectives to complete within their track designs. Story Mode introduces a narrative element to the game, providing context and motivation for players as they progress through various levels.

The game also features an improved physics engine and additional tools to enhance track design. Players can experiment with different line shapes, angles, and elements to create complex and entertaining tracks.

“Line Rider 2” builds upon the creativity and open-ended gameplay of the original while offering new ways to engage with the game. It remains a favorite among players who enjoy designing and testing intricate tracks while challenging their physics and puzzle-solving skills.