Angel of the Battlefield 2

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Angel of the Battlefield 2

Control: Arrow Keys, E

“Angel of the Battlefield 2” is the thrilling sequel to the popular platformer game where players assume the role of a heroic rabbit. This installment raises the stakes, introducing more complex levels, additional hazards, and greater challenges.

In “Angel of the Battlefield 2”, players continue the mission of rescuing wounded bunnies from the perilous battlefield. The gameplay has been enhanced with new obstacles, requiring players to think strategically and react quickly. The game continues to balance the urgency of the rescue mission with the need to navigate safely through the battlefield.

The graphics retain the charming and colorful aesthetic of the original game, providing a delightful backdrop to the high-stakes action. The exciting new challenges, combined with the game’s lovable character and engaging gameplay, make “Angel of the Battlefield 2” a worthy successor to the original.