Age of War 2

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Age of War 2

Click on the units to send your army in the Age of War 2 and try to beat your opponent’s army. Save gold to upgrade and win the battle. You should also try its previous version of Age of War.

“Age of War 2” is the sequel to the popular online strategy game “Age of War.” Developed by Max Games, this game builds upon the foundation of its predecessor while introducing new features and challenges.

In “Age of War 2,” players once again take on the role of a commander leading their civilization through different ages of history, from the Stone Age to the future. The primary goal remains the same: defend your base from enemy attacks while launching attacks on the enemy’s base. The game’s unique twist is the evolution of units and structures as you progress through the ages.

The gameplay involves resource management, where players earn income over time and use it to train units, build defenses, and upgrade their base. Players must strategically deploy units and defenses to protect their base from waves of enemy attacks. As the game progresses, players unlock new units and technologies, each offering unique abilities and advantages.

One of the notable features of “Age of War 2” is its expanded variety of units and eras, offering more diversity and strategic options compared to the original game. The game also includes a challenging campaign mode with increasingly difficult levels, providing hours of gameplay.

With its addictive gameplay, engaging strategic elements, and the thrill of progressing through different historical eras, “Age of War 2” has been well-received by fans of the series and strategy game enthusiasts alike. It offers a balanced mix of defense and offense, making it a compelling and enjoyable gaming experience.