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Greetings to all the game players! 
About Users Data and Content
Run3.games doesn’t require any registration to play the game, so we don’t ask users to input any kind of information, like name, age, password, and so on… However, some games may ask you to log in with your credential and we have nothing to do with such details. These details are directly submitted to the game developer/owner that enables you to play the game. If you don’t want to do this, you are free to play other games as most of the games don’t require any account. The copyright of all the games on this site belongs to their respective owners.
About Ads and Cookies
We serve third party advertisements of our website that make us earn some money to foot the expenses to run this site. We also use Google Analytics to get some general information about the visitors, e.g. location, the web pages they visit etc.. We don’t have access to any kind of sensitive information. Such information is also collected to serve you interested based ads.